Professor John La Guerre

Chairman – Professor John La Guerre -B.Sc. (Economics) (UWI), M. Sc. (Government) (UWI), Ph. D. (Manchester)

John Gaffar La Guerre – B.Sc (Econ) U.W.I, M.Sc (Govt) U.W.I, Ph.D (University of Manchester) is Emeritus Professor of Government and the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. He was educated at Progressive Educational Institute and St. Andrews High School in Trinidad and at the University of the West Indies, Manchester and Paris.

He is currently Chairman of the Equal Opportunity Commission. He was a tutor in Politics and the Universities of Manchester and the West Indies, lecturer and Professor of Government at the U.W.I St Augustine until 2001. He served as Vice-Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chairman of African and Asian Studies Unit at the U.W.I.

He was also the Public Orator at the University and was for many years the Head of their Department of Government. He has written many books on the politics of the Caribbean and Africa and has contributed several articles to the professional journals. He has contributed several papers to conferences in the Caribbean and elsewhere. He has done several reports for the Government including reports on Employment practices in the Public Sector as well as scholarship awards by the state. He was a member of the Hyatali Commission of 1987, was Co-Director of the Centre for ethnic Studies, U.W.I, St. Augustine during the period 1992-1996, a member of a Task Force on Legal Education in Trinidad and Tobago in 1997 and is now a member of the Round Table on Constitution Reform.