Lynette Seebaran Suite

Chairman – Mrs. Lynette Seebaran Suite has over thirty five (35) years’ experience as a litigator. She is currently the principal of her own firm, Lynette Seebaran and Company. Mrs. Seebaran Suite has been an advocate for the rights of women and girls, and an avid supporter of the rule of law, due process and social justice.

She was highly influential in the national discourse which led to the passage of the Sexual Offences Act in 1986 and spearheaded the national debate leading to the passage of the Domestic Violence Act in 1986, and its amendment in 1991. She also headed the public debate which highlighted the mischief of sexual harassment in the workplace and which has led to the adoption in many workplaces of codes of behaviour.

Over the years Mrs. Seebaran Suite has been a member of several statutory bodies, such as the Law Reform Commission, the National Commission on the Status of Women, YTEPP and is a past Chairman of the Port Authority. For many years she was Legal Advisor to the Cooperative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago and acted as a Director of the League’s Stabilisation Fund. She was a board member of the Trinidad Publishing Company Ltd (publisher of the Guardian Newspaper) for more than a decade and during that period served as its legal advisor. She has also been a member of various ethics committees of CAREC. She heads ASPIRE, which partners with the Family Planning Association in promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women, girls and men in Trinidad and Tobago and regionally. She is the author of many reports and papers on women and children issues and has attended and presented at numerous international and regional conferences. 

Mrs. Seebaran Suite acted as Secretary of the Bar Association for several terms in the 1980’s and is currently engaged in establishing a Family Law Association. She currently sits on the Council of the Law Association and was its nominee on the Medical Council of Trinidad and Tobago over the period 2010 to 2013. At the 50th Independence Awards in 2012, Mrs. Seebaran Suite was awarded the Medal for the Development of Women Gold, for her contributions in the area of law. She is married to Engineer Professor Emeritus Winston Suite and is the mother of a daughter, Dara-Chameli who recently graduated in the UK as a medical doctor