Gerard Besson

Educated at Tranquillity Boys’ School and St. Thomas High School in Port of Spain. Founder of Creative Advertising Co. Ltd. (1973-1993), and Paria Publishing Co. Ltd. (1981–present).

Gerard Besson served for seven years on the Council of the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine Campus), and on the Advisory Council for the setting up of an Academy of Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. He also served as Chairman on the committee to inaugurate the O'Meara and the Battery Point Campus, and to organize the first graduation ceremony of the UTT.

Gerard Besson was a director of the National Museum and was appointed to the board of the National Trust. He was the convener of the cabinet-appointed work group occasioned by the centenary anniversary of Tobago becoming a ward of the unified colony of Trinidad and Tobago, 1887-1987.

Mr. Besson is a member of the Society of Caribbean Historians, an international organization for the furthering of historical research and teaching of the Caribbean experience. He is also a member of the Caribbean Publishers' Network; a pan-Caribbean association created to support and promotes indigenous publishing throughout the region.

Gerard Besson has worked in all media, and as a writer, publisher and social historian he has curated museums and designed several historical and cultural exhibitions. He has authored books on the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago, and through his publishing company has facilitated the publishing of local authors. Mr. Besson was the recipient of the Humming Bird Medal (Gold) for Heritage Preservation and Promotion in 2007. He also was awarded the Heritage Preservation Award—Lifetime Achiever 2007 from the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago.