Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie

Vice-Chairman – Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie – Doctorate in Education majoring in Human Resource Development from the George Washington University, USA

Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie was born 5th October 1941 in the village of Bethany, Tobago. Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie attended St. Patrick Anglican Primary School; she went on to Bishop’s High School. After graduating from Bishop’s she joined the teaching profession in 1960. Fours years  later she went on to the Mausica’s Teacher’s Training College where she graduated in 1966 with a Teacher’s Diploma, she was recorded as a student having the best record of all time, having won every major prize up for grabs.

After teaching for five (5) years at the Hope Anglican Primary School, Dr. Mc Kenzie moved to the Community Development Division as a Community Development Officer and later moved to the position of Education Extension Officer in the Education Division. Further academic achievements include a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Development where she received the Burney Prize for the Best External Student Dissertation in 1977, followed by a Masters Degree in Education (M.ED.)in 1979 from the University of Manchester, England and a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D) majoring in Human Resource Development from the Washington University in 1987.

Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie was appointed an Independent Senator in 1995, a position she continues to hold. To date she is the only Tobagonian to lead in the Independent benches in the Senate, and has represented the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago at conferences in the Turks and Caicos Islands, New Zealand and the Bahamas. Her obvious interest in the Education System afforded her the opportunity to serve on many education committees including Chairman of a Task Force on the reason for the poor performance of students in Tobago and to sit on a specially appointed Task Force on education in Trinidad and Tobago. She was in charge of YTEPP and initiated the School Leaving Examinations classes in the Tobago prisons and is currently a member of the executive member of the Tobago Council of Handicapped Children Inc. since its formation in 1974, religious instructor at the Scarborough Secondary since 1996, motivational speaker at school and Parents Teachers Associations and manager/tutor of the Homework Centre at St. Patrick’s AC.

Dr. Eastlyn Mc Kenzie possesses a terrific sense of humor, and still found time to engage in the performing arts. She has acted in several plays, both live and on screen and is versed in the island’s oral traditions and speaks the Tobago dialect fluently and effectively. She has also written several folk monologues.